Before they were Big

Today’s my birthday. Whoo hoo. 11 years ago on this day, I was in Dallas watching Swervedriver open up for Monster Magnet open up for Pearl Jam open up for Soundgarden at a small venue in the back of a Dallas bowling alley. Pretty cool.


One more painting of mine. This piece is called Mama T. Jean hates this one. It is Oil on Canvas. When I started painting this, I was trying to paint an angry cop wearing a motorcycle helmet.

Mama T


Too cool. My aunt signed my guestbook yesterday. She and her husband restore and sell Antique Autos, Street Rods, and Classic Cars in Maine. Check out their website.

Speaking of Classic Cars. Here’s a picture of my car in high school (and my dad’s car before that).

’68 Mustang Convertible


Back when I was 13 and a karate kid, I went to Japan to study karate at a few different dojos. For some reason, I ended up in the local papers (a few times) for being an American studying karate. Nope, I don’t get it either.



In high school, I weighed a lot less than I do now. Now that I’m trying to lose some weight, I don’t think I would like to get back to my high school weight. That doesn’t even look like me!

Dave, Benny, Dad, Michele, Brad


Here’s a cool pic. 1992. the Chicago Bulls 2nd Championship. Division Street. People start flipping cabs over. This is the Chicago Tribune the next day. That’s me circled near the cab. That’s my buddy Rip in the top left.

Rip, Benny