Here is a picture of me and Jean at FedEx Field watching the Washington Redskins play the Chicago Bears. At Christmas 2001, my sister gave us the coolest gift by surprising us with these tickets.

Jean, Benny


We went whale watching in Cape Cod. It was pretty awesome. We saw a couple of Humpback whales. This is a picture of one of their tails. We also saw some Basking sharks and dolphins.



Jean and I just returned from our vaction in Provincetown, Cape Cod. Here’s a picture in front of the Lobster Pot restaurant on Commercial Street. I had the Clam Bake (lobster, clams, corn on the cob, potato) and Jean had 3 of the best crab cakes she’s ever had.

Jean, Benny


It doesn’t exist I remark with
a slight trace of buffoonery.
“Shut Up”, he answers swelled
up in his thought, for lack
of a better word. No man, you
are lost in wonder. As Thought
provoking as they may seem to the
mind; they never ask The
Question with the truest certainty
It was like never asking.
Why are they afraid to die if
so convinced. No they are not,
but who is.
How can you sure you ask.
Is it a test you ask.
Is it a plot you ask.
The answer is NO.
But I can’t be too sure.

– sawin