Tower of Tonkatsu

Over our family vacation in the Outer Banks, the Sawin/French/Obenauer family produced a Kung Fu movie called the Tower of Tonkatsu. The story is about a Kung Fu fighter who travels all the way from Hong Kong in search of some Tonkatsu (Japanese Pork Cutlet). The fighter has to fight her way up each level of the Tower to finally reach her goal.

5 thoughts on “Tower of Tonkatsu

  1. Well alrighty then! Mad props go out to B&J Productions! I especially liked the Benni Tarantino couch plant. Now, if you could have had Gracie “sweep the leg” that would have been doubly impressive.

    Of course the production could have benefited from a little Lonzport scoring, but you kids did all right on your own. Nice work..but don’t get me started on the Quicktime format.


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