Disneyland – Hong Kong Style

Today we went and checked out the Hong Kong Disneyland. Very cool place. Perfect for a pair of two year olds. I don’t remember having dim sum at the one in Orlando.


Christmas Day

Well, Grace had another successful Christmas Day. We woke up, opened presents and watched Grace turn from a shy delicate present opener to a fast effficient present opening machine. Thanks everyone for the very nice presents. I know Grace really loves them. We then had Christmas Lunch with friends at the Peninsula Hotel in Kowloon. Good food, beautiful hotel, great company. We finished off with Christmas Dinner with friends in the building over from us. They prepared a beautiful and delicious home-cooked meal. Thanks! I hope everyone is a having a wonderful Christmas Day back in the U.S.

Formal Hockey

This past Saturday, we had our Hockey Team Formal at the China Tee Club in Central. I got to wear my tux (and my cool cufflinks) and Jean went out and got a great outfit. My buddy David and I rented a limo to pick up the wives from the hairdresser, but we were finally impacted by the WTO as it took us an hour and change to make it to Central (typically 15 minutes).





WTO Protests

I really hadn’t personnally seen any protesters this week with the WTO in town. But today, waiting for the bus, these protesters came by. The picture below is from yesterday where they vandalized the U.S. Embassy.



Starting to feel a lot like Christmas

On Sunday, we went to the Children’s Christmas Party at “The Club” in our building. It was kinda cool how they did presents. You brought a present for your kid a few days earlier and during Santa time, he would call out the kids’ names and give them their present.