A Day on a Boat

Since my mother was in town, we decided to rent the Bank’s Junk for the day and head off to Lamma Island for some dinner. The trip started off a bit shaky as the water was quite choppy and there was that “special” look on people’s faces as I looked around the boat. Things got better as we got to Repulse Bay and just hung out. Then we went off to Lamma Island and had dinner at the Rainbow Seafood Restaurant. Then we closed it off by watching the light show from Victoria Harbour. Click the link to view more photos.

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4 thoughts on “A Day on a Boat

  1. Dude, why does everybody look like they’re on perpetual vacation there?! Frankly, I’d like to see a little more daily grind and misery on people’s faces…

    And I’m sure you brought the once proudful game of cricket to some new lows.

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