And the Hits just keep on Coming…

Jean was able to get the building maintenance guys up here with the right tools to open up the box with my Terra Cotta Warrior in it. As you can see, it is out of the wooden box. Now I need to figure out how to get through 10 inches of caked on styrofoam packing. We’ll see what the next challenge is going to be.

And the Saga Continues…

Well my Terra Cotta Warrior arrived from Beijing! Unfortunately, after spending a good chunk of money on the 4ft. tall statue which included shipping to Hong Kong, I learned that the shipping to Hong Kong meant that they would just put the statue in a box and ship it here. It didn’t include taking the box off the boat, sticking it in a warehouse, loading it on to a truck, and delivering it to my house. That was another chunk of money. Almost half of the original chunk of money! Now that the box has arrived at my house… my next surprise… delivery didn’t include actually opening the box. I’ll keep you posted.

Happy Birthday to Me

Saturday was my 36th birthday. We started the evening with a Cantonese lesson from a Norwegian in a Bar. This lady has been teaching expats in Hong Kong for 9 years. Check out her website. We then went to Da Ping Huo. A pretty cool private kitchen dining experience with some authentic, and spicy, Sichuan food. I think a fun time had by all (too much fun for the Birthday boy though).

Cantonese Lessons

Dinner at the Private Kitchen

Chinese Opera performed by the Chef’s Wife