Hanging with Ashley

The Reynolds family came up to Grand Haven from Chicago for a long weekend. Grace was able to hang with her friend Ashley over the past few days. They were very cute together. Grace can’t wait to see Ash at Jeremy’s Birthday Party on Saturday.

Picture of Danny pulling Grace and Ashley in a wagon.

Picture of Danny and Grace flying a kite.

Picture of Grace and Ashley on the beach.

You down with OCB?

On Sunday we headed to the Old Country Buffet in Kalamazoo, Michigan for a family reunion for Jean’s Father’s side of the family. The host of the gathering was Grace’s 98 year-old great grandmother. A great time was had by all.

Picture of Grace and Aunt Jill.

Picture of Grace pushing her Great Grandma.

Picture of Grace, Jean and Great Grandma.

Recent Pics

Dad and JoAnn had a great time here. Unfortunately, it is the rainy season and we weren’t able to get out on the Bank Junk as I thought in an earlier post. We did manage to have pretty good time though. Here are some random pics over the past week. I now know where I get my fashion sense.

Picture of Dad and Grace.

Picture of Dad and Grace playing.

Picture of Grace as a Grandma.

Picture of Dad and JoAnn in Soho.