Recent Pics

Dad and JoAnn had a great time here. Unfortunately, it is the rainy season and we weren’t able to get out on the Bank Junk as I thought in an earlier post. We did manage to have pretty good time though. Here are some random pics over the past week. I now know where I get my fashion sense.

Picture of Dad and Grace.

Picture of Dad and Grace playing.

Picture of Grace as a Grandma.

Picture of Dad and JoAnn in Soho.

Don’t Mess with Texas

This is the last week for Debby, the intern in our department. I had nicknamed her Texas for a variety of reasons. Daniel and I took her out to lunch and I gave her a Texas Plate as a going away present. I was able to score the plate because my Dad and JoAnn were in town from Oklahoma and they were nice enough to supply the authentic souvenier. Thanks JoAnn! Anyway, good luck Texas.

Picture of Ben, Debbie, and Texas Plate

Picture of Daniel and Debbie

Picture of the Texas Plate

A Prelude to a Paddle

Wednesday was the Tuen Ng holiday which was nice because my Dad is in town (and we enjoyed a father/son beer). Last year, we didn’t make it to the Dragon Boat Races in Stanley. But this year we actually made it down and watched a few races. Next year… that is the year. Tony is going to get a team together and we are going to get a team together and set the time record (either fastest or slowest). Right Tony?

Picture of Stanley Dragon Boat Race

Picture of Stanley Dragon Boat Race Grandstand

Picture of a Beer with my Dad