The Wool Anniversary

Yesterday was Jean and my 7th anniversary. Traditionally the wool anniversary. As it was the wool anniversary, I pulled the wool over Jean’s eyes by having a surprise getaway and took the last two days off of work.

We started off yesterday morning by visiting Grace at school. We arrived during snack time. Pretty amazing to see a bunch of 2+ kids sitting properly at the table eating their snack.

After visiting the school, I surprised Jean with the Private VIP Cabin on the TurboJet to Macau. We had a nice picnic on the boat and then we arrived in Macau. (Thanks for the GREAT idea Tina and Richard!)

Then we checked in to the Mandarin Oriental and Jean was whooshed off to the spa for a treatment designed for a pregnant lady. While at the spa, I hit the blackjack table over at The Sands and won some pocket money… which was nice.

After the spa and tooling around a bit, we went back to our room and was surprised by a complimentary cheesecake from the hotel management. This cake was awesome. We managed to bring the rest of it back home to Hong Kong.

After gourging ourselves on cake, we found a really quaint Italian restaurant for dinner. Very nice… and cheap.

After dinner we checked out the new Wynn Macau. Sat down and won a little more pocket change at some Blackjack. We did have a hard time finding a simple slot machine to waste time on. All the machines there required a PhD (or at least some instructions in English) to use.

Today we checked out the Macau Tower. Besides the beautiful birds-eye view of Macau, the next best thing there was the Cup O’ Noodle museum. Very cool huh Alex?

Anyway, we are now back home safe and sound in Hong Kong.

Picture of Grace in school.

Picture of Jean in the VIP Cabin.

Picture of the Mandarin Oriental Spa.

Picture of the Anniversary Cake from the Mandarin Oriental.

Picture of Ben and Jean as Sumo Wrestlers.

Picture of Ben and the Cup Noodle.

HK Krispy Kreme

For breakfast we headed to the new Krispy Kreme in Causeway Bay. Same taste, smell, hot now sign and same guy at the end of the conveyor belt handing out free samples right off the production line. I was wondering though… How much is two dozen of the original glazed donuts where you are from? $168 HKD ($21.54 USD) sounds a lot higher than what I remember.

Picture of Ben and Grace eating a donut at Krispy Kreme.

Picture of sign at the Hong Kong Krispy Kreme.