Boxing Day Disney

For the third straight year, we decided to hit Disney again for the Christmas holidays.

  • 18DEC2004 – Disney World – Orlando, Florida USA
  • 27DEC2005 – Disneyland – Hong Kong HK
  • 26DEC2006 – Disneyland – Hong Kong HK

Check out the earlier pics.

Picture of Ben and Grace on Dumbo.

Picture of Riley and an Aristocat.

They also let Grace be a Junior Cast Member and help with the crowd control at the parade.

Picture of Grace as a Junior Cast Member.

Picture of the Sawin Family and Chip \'n Dale.


Christmas Tea

After some serious present opening, we headed off for afternoon tea at The Verandah. Grace got all hopped up on a serious sugar buzz so the only thing that would keep her occupied is some Barbie videos on my Video iPod. And yes, that is a kitchen sponge on the headphones to help them fit. Jean is the MacGyver of the household.

Picture of the Sawin Family at Afternoon Tea.

Picture of Riley at Afternoon Tea.

Picture of Grace watching the Video iPod.

And Jean got to sport her new necklace and earrings from Tiffany’s. A great Christmas present from her husband.

Picture of Jean and her new necklace and earrings.

Picture of Ben and Grace walking home from the Verandah.

70-degrees Fahrenheit

It’s a a nice Christmas Day here in Hong Kong today. Grace got up at 7am and charged into the living room to see the presents under the Bamboo Tree. Yes, we ended up experimenting with the tree this year since all the traditional Christmas Trees were either sold out or way too expensive for the quality they had in stock. So we are done opening presents now. Grace is taking a nap. And we are getting ready to go to The Verandah for a nice afternoon tea.

Picture of Grace and the Presents.

Picture of Riley among her presents.

Picture of Jean and her presents.

Picture of The Sawin Family on Christmas.

Good Santa

After weeks of having visits from pretty mediocre Santas, The Sawin Family came across a pretty good one yesterday at Pacific Place Mall. This was the first with an American accent too (not that that is a good thing :)).

Picture of The Sawin Family with Santa.

Sauced at School

Grace had her Christmas Show at her school last. I’ll post a video of the performance soon. The funny thing was that they served Champagne and Orange Juice cocktails for the parents at 11am. I think I like this British Education system.

p.s. I would call that drink a Mimosa. I learned a new term though. They call them a Buck’s Fizz in the U.K.

Picture of Grace at her school\'s Christmas Show.

Picture of Jean drinking a mimosa.

Tis’ the Season

The Holiday Season is upon us in Hong Kong. Here are some recent pics at some Holiday events.

Jean and Riley heading to the Christmas Fair in Repulse Bay.
Picture of Jean and Riley.

Here’s Grace in the first Bouncy Castle we’ve found that we didn’t fear for her life.
Picture of Grace in a Bouncy Castle.

Here’s Grace on the Conga Line at Sabrina’s Birthday Party.
Picture of Grace in a Conga Line.

Here’s Grace at the Repulse Bay Christmas Party. It was pretty funny. They had snow machines blowing “snow” in 80-degree weather.
Picture of Grace in a Santa Hat.

Here’s Grace and Lucy posing.
Picture of Grace and Lucy.