Of all the Gin Joints

So I get to India and a good buddy of mine from Chicago happens to be staying at the same hotel as me.

Picture of Ben and Stam in India.

Woke up in India

After an 8-hour plane ride via Bangkok, I arrived in Mumbai at 3:30am this morning. I then caught a car service that drove me for 3 hours to Pune. I’ve been sitting in my hotel room working so I haven’t seen anything except what is at my hotel. Here is the doorman who opens the door when I go for a smoke. I really need to quit smoking.

Picture of the Doorman at the my hotel in India.

Go State!

It’s crazy how the girls insisted on getting their pictures taken in Michigan State gear, without any influence from me. They told me that Michigan State was a much better school than where their daddy went (University of Oklahoma).

Michigan State Girls

Look At Those Thighs

For all of you expecting this to be one of Benny’s posts, surprise…it’s the other Sawin, his wife Jean. Now that I have entered the blogging community, you’ll be seeing more stuff from me. This is our Sweet Baby Girl, Riley. Doesn’t she have the greatest baby thighs? And a pretty cute smile too!

Picture of Riley\

Riley is Smiling