Visual Voicemail

Though we live in Hong Kong, we still have a Chicago-based phone number thanks to the wonders of VoIP and Vonage. I activated Visual Voicemail which sends you a speech-to-text translation in an email whenever someone leaves you a voicemail message. We received our first voicemail today and I thought it was the funniest thing. Here is what Jean’s mom said verbatim…

Hi Jean. Just wanted to let you know that Dad and I went out to Penney’s. They are going to make an 8×10 in Black and White of Gracie. They gave us the two 5x7s of Gracie that were Black and White that they made the mistake on. We can pick ’em up about the 12th of September so everything is all set there. So. Love you much. Tell Gracie and Riley “Hi” and give ’em a kiss from us. Tell Benny “Hi” from us too. So, we’ll catch you later. Bye Bye.

Now here is what the email said…

Hi. James. Just wanna like you know that. Then i went out the counties. They are going to make. A lot. 8 by 10. In black and white. Of grace c. They gave us the 25 by 7 so crazy that were black white that they made the mistake. Oh. We can pick them up. How about the calls. Of september self everything’s all set there. Help. Love you might. Come grey see in riley high and give them a cure for us to come down in. High for us to. Help okay too late by bye.

Too funny.

Booze Cruise

Last night we had our department summer cruise. We hired a boat and took it out to Clearwater Bay, played some games, sang some karaoke and did a lucky draw for some prizes. We had a great time. Check out the video. Click here to download the MPEG-4 version.