Back from Down Under

Well the Sawin Family had a successful trip down under. Here’s the run down.

On Christmas Night, we took the overnight flight to Sydney. The kids did great. Thank god for the on-demand television and iPods we had on hand. Here is the mandatory tourist shot of the Sydney Opera House.

Sydney Opera House

We took in the Taronga Zoo

Taronga Zoo

Petted some fish at the Sydney Aquarium

Sydney Aquarium

And learned that Koala Bears were bigger than we thought.

Koalas were bigger than we thought.

Grace and Riley were saying “Come on Mom and Dad, enough with the photos…”

Come On Mom and Dad

On New Year’s Eve we found a nice spot to watch the fireworks from.

Great Seats for the Fireworks

After a week in Sydney, we rented a Camper Van and drove up the coast.

Our Campervan

Along the way we saw a Big Banana

The Big Banana

And a Big Prawn!

The Big Prawn

When we got to the Gold Coast, we went to Dreamworld and went to Wiggles World…

Wiggles World

And petted a Koala Bear…

Petting a Koala

And even a Kangaroo!

Petting a Kangaroo

Grace scared the heck out of Mom and Dad riding the swing ride by herself.

Mom and Dad Scared to Death

Riley had to use a big Abacus to count how much money we were spending.

Riley having fun at Dreamworld

On a nice day, we made it to Surfer’s Paradise to take in the sun and the waves.

Surfer's Paradise

We left the Gold Coast and headed to Brisbane for our last two nights. We were lucky enough to run into Dora and Boots there.

Boots and Riley

In the end, the whole Sawin Family had a great holiday in Australia!

In a Tree in Brisbane

Bondi Baby

Our Aussie holiday is still going on. We are sitting in an RV in Yamba while it’s pouring rain out… but… there is a free Wi-Fi connection. Check out some of our pics from our visit to Bondi Beach last week. Grace did some Extreme Sports taking on the Bungee.

Sawin Family at Bondi Beach

Grace at Bondi Beach.

Grace Bungee Jumping at Bondi Beach.