Lots of “Firsts”

The girls have been doing many new things as of late. Riley tried painting with some assistance from Big Sister. Riley headed off to school and Grace had her first dance exam.

Riley's First Painting
Picasso in the making.
Gracie Enjoying Finger Painting
Grace lending some very colorful hands.
Riley Getting Ready for Her 1st Day At School
Riley getting ready for her first school bus ride.
Posing with Miss Melissa - Apr. 26, 2008
Grace with her dance teacher Miss Melissa.

Week with Billy P.

Billy came all the way from Chicago and visited us this week. Here was the rundown…

We hit the Hong Kong Sevens on Saturday. As always, a good time…
Billy, Benny and Jean at the Sevens.

Billy at the Sevens.

Won some money in Macau…
Benny in Macau.

Hit the Temple Street Night Market from some tasty Prawns and Beers…
Billy drinking a beer at Temple Street.

Benny drinking a beer at Temple Street.

Made it up to Shenzhen for some Purse shopping and a massage…
Billy and Benny in Shenzhen

And hit the track on a rainy night…
Benny at the Track

Billy at the Track