Local Holiday

Before we left Hong Kong, we always wanted to stay the night at the Hong Kong Disneyland. So before we left for Singapore, we packed up and headed out to Lantau Island. It got off to a great start. They upgraded our room to a suite for free. We then had dinner with the characters, watched the nightly fireworks and then one of the Castmembers read the girls a bedtime story. We woke up the next day and headed off to the park. It was not crowded at all and we hit the new Small World ride and there was no line at all! Beautiful. After a great day at the park, we packed up and caught the subway home. A real good time. Highly recommend it if you have little ones.

Dinner with Mickey
Dinner with Mickey

A Kiss for Minnie
A Kiss for Minnie

Lost in the Mickey Maze at the Hotel
Disney Maze

On the Merry-go-round
Disney Merry-go-round

Goodbye Junk

Last night, we took a Junk out to Lamma Island for our last hurrah before leaving for Singapore on Tuesday. Check out the pics…

Here is me and Jean enjoying a beautiful start of the evening. That’s our apartment block behind us off to the right.
Benny and Jean

Here is Fiona and Matt. Matt was good enough to get his bosses Junk out for us that night.
Fiona and Matt

I had the honor of getting to eat the Fish Eye. Tasty…
About to Eat a Fish Eye

Here is me and Stam lounging as we were coming back to the Pier.
Lounging on the Boat

Here is me and Wayne hanging…
Wayne-o and Benny

Jean and Fiona looking beautiful with the Jumbo Floating Restaurant behind them.
Fi and Jean