A look back

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. In fact I was looking through my photos and I have absolutely nothing new to post. So until I have something new, and I promise that that will be soon, let’s take a trip down memory lane with some of my favorite posts on Sawin.com

Sawin.com started in 1998. As young programmer, I’d like to think I was at the forefront of the Internet and “blogging” with the introduction Sawin.com (link). You notice the layout… feels pretty blog-like huh? One of my favorite pictures on that site was the picture from when we went as the Village People on the Halloween Pub Crawl (link). Seems that Halloween is a theme as this was the first post after I moved over to Blogger in 2002 (link). I was Emeril Lagasse.

Love this post of Grace in 2004 in front of the Children’s Museum in Chicago (link). And the record for the most posts in a month on Sawin.com is 14 in December 2004 (link). And one of the most talked about posts was from the “Tower of Tonkatsu” post in 2005 (link). I still love the post when Jean went to the Watson’s Water Tennis event in Hong Kong and ended up on ESPN.com behind Serena Williams and Kim Clijsters (link). And the one of me playing cricket for the first time (link).

Too funny. Here is a post from 2006. My first trip to Singapore to play a friendly Hockey match (link). Who woulda thought we’d move here. Here is probably one of my longest posts about our trip to Macau for our 7th Wedding Anniversary (link). And you can’t get a cuter picture than this. Grace holding Riley right after she was born (link). I love the pics and video of the elephant ride in Phuket, Thailand (link). Speaking of Thailand, I enjoyed my longest birthday starting in Pattya (link).

And who can forget Riley’s First Birthday (link). One of my favorite posts was from a Christmas Holiday Down Under (link). One of my favorite pics of all time is from Chinese New Years last year (link).

Anyway, enough of me flipping back through some old posts. Time for new posts. I’ll get right on it.